Written by Peter Nijenhuis, November 20, 2016

Peter Nijenhuis, who runs the blog "De Wereld werkt in Arnhem", wrote this article based on an interview we did regarding the BTR practise and our upcoming performance at PULSE 12, which is an exhibition series organised by art platform "Studio Omstand". Mostly, it contains our thoughts concerning our methods, the fine line between artist collective and record label, and the future of BTR.

Grijs Gebied laat bezoeker ronddwalen in verschillende muzikale universa

Written by Wouter de Waal
November 14, 2016

This article reviews a number of BTR's performances during the "Grijs Gebied" festival.

Tweede editie Grijs Gebied zet nog meer in op diversiteit

Written by Wouter de Waal
November 7, 2016

Article written for 3voor12 Tilburg about BTR's collaboration with a Tilburg based metal label. Broken Toaster Records participated in a festival called "Grijs Gebied" (Grey Area).

Broken Toaster Records

A record label dedicated to the kink and think about what you can expect from the fruit loops. The only reason to believe in the power of social security.