In 2017, we performed three times during the opening of three different exhibitions, all part of the In The Pursuit Of... series: ...Disruptive Voices...Gender: A Universal Language and ...Alternative Truths. To top it all off, we 'curated' a one-day exhibition/festival. This is the statement that accompanied the exhibition:

"What is the definition of a band? According to Broken Toaster Records, it depends on which type of band you want to define. A ‘rock band’ for instance, is completely different from a ‘band of brothers’, unless the brothers happen to be in a rock band together. It is also completely different from a ‘head band’, unless it refers to a band of heads that are also a rock band – or, in some cases, brothers. As far as Broken Toaster Records concerns a band could be a multitude of things, it merely depends from which angle one looks at it. “Was the Phantom of the Opera a saboteur, or was he part of the show?” “Do we even have to concern ourselves with the issues of phantoms?” Broken Toaster Records does not know.

What they do know is that sometimes, bands can operate in phantom-like ways, obscuring themselves by hiding in the walls or by pretending they are doing something else, like sawing wood or giving speeches or hanging from the ceiling. To present themselves as phantoms, obscured in the background. This is what Broken Toaster Records pursued. They will present their doings and undertakings at Expoplu under the title ‘Phantom 3Piece’. This three-piece is loosely based on documentation of previous performances at Expoplu in context of the year program ‘In The Pursuit Of…’, but also will include new interventions and performances.

To be phantoms. to be a band. to be part of the show. The band of brothers from different mothers, also known as Broken Toaster Records, present this show, from their heads to yours: Phantom 3Piece."