In 2017, Youri Appelo, curator of Artcentre Expoplu, Nijmegen, invited Broken Toaster Records do a performance during every instalment of the exhibition series "In The Pursuit Of..." Each exhibition had a different title and focus. This is the first one, "Disruptive Voices". For the opening of this exhibition, we hid ourselves behind a wall. One of us had a microphone, the other had a number of custom-made guitar effects pedals at his disposal, which he used to morph and disrupt the sound.

This is what Youri Appelo had to say about the exhibition:

"Which voice is to be heard? The obvious or the disguised? What do body language, activistic positions, anarchistic beliefs and religious minorities have in common? ‘Disruptive Voices’ is an exhibition that investigates our political voices as individuals or as a group in relation to the ‘other’(; i.e. society or government). It is not about the sounds that come out of our mouths, but rather about our position, beliefs and perspectives (our voice) that we as humans have to communicate to the ‘other’ in ways we think is best. Disruptive Voices hopes to question our own identity, our position and most of all the way we use our voice."

Check out the video on the VIDS page.