In The Pursuit Of... Disruptive Voices


In 2017, Youri Appelo, curator of Artcentre Expoplu, Nijmegen, invited Broken Toaster Records do a performance during every instalment of the exhibition series "In The Pursuit Of..." Each exhibition had a different title and focus. This is the first one, "Disruptive Voices". For the opening of this exhibition, we hid ourselves behind a wall. One of us had a microphone, the other had a number of custom-made guitar effects pedals at his disposal, which he used to morph and disrupt the sound.

This is what Youri Appelo had to say about the exhibition:

"Which voice is to be heard? The obvious or the disguised? What do body language, activistic positions, anarchistic beliefs and religious minorities have in common? ‘Disruptive Voices’ is an exhibition that investigates our political voices as individuals or as a group in relation to the ‘other’(; i.e. society or government). It is not about the sounds that come out of our mouths, but rather about our position, beliefs and perspectives (our voice) that we as humans have to communicate to the ‘other’ in ways we think is best. Disruptive Voices hopes to question our own identity, our position and most of all the way we use our voice."

Check out the video on the VIDS page.

The Life Acrylic - Düsseldorfer nacht der Museen


Our second show of the year. We were invited by Gallery am Meer (Düsseldorf) to perform during the Düsseldorf Museum Night. Our very own Ide stayed there the month before, making paintings/fabrics. We used these for our stage as well.

Honolulu Cocktail Show - Thaïti


Our first show of the year went hand in hand with strong liquor and smooth keys. It was also our debut at LuxorLive, Arnhem. We invited Master of Keys David Tonnaer. Together we opened the evening for Dutch pop band Thaïti.



by Peter Nijenhuis

Peter Nijenhuis, who runs the blog "De Wereld werkt in Arnhem", wrote this article based on an interview we did regarding the BTR practise and our upcoming performance at PULSE 12, which is an exhibition series organised by art platform "Studio Omstand". Mostly, it contains our thoughts concerning our methods, the fine line between artist collective and record label, and the future of BTR.




Poppodium Brigant invited BTR to open for a Russian DJ called Kate NV. To honour the electronic tradition as well as the continental philosopher Slavoj Žižek, we decided to create a soundboard using his very distinctive voice. Accompanied by a few keyboards and an iPhone drumcomputer-app, we created the following improvised live show. Recommended to listen while working.

Planet Hout-Blerick - White Suits


An ode to the Dutch television show "De Wondere Wereld" hosted by Chriet Titulaar. This live show was recorded on October 7th, 2016, at the White Suit Projections exhibition in Nijmegen. Curated by Danielle Papenborg.

BTR Invites... WATERPROOF - The Exchange


Part of the "BTR Invites..." programme in collaboration with Circa...dit. This time we asked artist Rob Voerman if it was okay to do a show next to his work "The Exchange", which was exhibited on top of the Sonsbeek waterfall during "Sonsbeek '16: TransACTION.

BTR Invites... GETREKT - Live @ Circa...dit


Part of the "BTR Invites..." programme in collaboration with Circa...dit. This time we invited visual and auditive artist Manuel de Swaaf to form one-day-band GETREKT. The name comes from the term in gaming lingo, literally meaning "get wrecked".

DER STEINEN AUF KOLN - Live at the Fine Art Finals


A Kratwerk/Autobahn inspired live album. Also based on the Dutch expression "steenkolen Duits", which literally means "charcoal German", meaning the sound a Dutch person makes when trying to speak German, but being unfamiliar with the German language, except phonetically. Performed at Kasper's Graduation Show, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem. Personal favourite is "DER NEUE TEKTONIK TANZ".



Alllllllllriiiiiiiiight boys 'n girls! It's time for some punk, some garage, some... FRUTTELPUNK. This is a new type of music, only to be played in basements of lunchrooms. Major Schmetterling played a smashing show, with support by Indonesian artist collective Cut & Rescue. Our drummer left, so we had Schmisfits drummer Bram Derksen to fill in on drums, and he did great!

Archibald en de Grote Groebeloeris


This is a live recording of an improvised audio book. It tells the story of Archibald and the Great Groebeloeris. It is recorded in Dutch, and features a few commercial breaks. Recorded at Circa...dit artspace, Arnhem.

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