James Pink - Liquid Love

This video was recorded at Willem Twee Poppodium & Kunstruimte, Den Bosch. We were invited to make a work for the glass showcase there. We decided to spend the night inside the showcase, and record our album there. In the spirit of the Pink Saturday event, which would take place the next week, we decided to make an EP about James Pink. James is in love, hates his mom and gets all the girls. But is that what he really wants?


A live performance/ DJ set/ organ practice/ inuit gathering/ open bar. Shot at the weekly "5 á 7" event, organized by the Fine Art department, which took place at ArtEZ, Institute for the Arts, Arnhem.

Thom Twaiter's Goat Suit Try Out Band - Live at "EXTRAPOOL presents Muziekles"

EXTRAPOOL and ArtEZ, Institute for the Arts, Arnhem, organized an event called "Muziekles". It involved a workshop by sound artist Emanuel de Swaaf, a live performance by power sludge metal band "Witches Brew" and a performance by Thom Twaiter's Goat Suit Try Out Band, which was a try out band for the live performance by Thomas Thwaiter's Goat Suit at "Club Tilburg: Tu Sei Arrivato" in Tilburg.