James Pink - Liquid Love

June 12, 2017

This EP was recorded at Willem Twee Poppodium & Kunstruimte, Den Bosch. We were invited to make a work for the glass showcase there. We decided to spend the night inside the showcase, and record our album there. In the spirit of the Pink Saturday event, which would take place the next week, we decided to make an EP about James Pink. James is in love, hates his mom and gets all the girls. But is that what he really wants?

King Kraut & the Sauer Sissies - Clair Lieu

May 13, 2017

We were invited to participate in the exhibition "Clair Lieu" in Viersen, Germany. This exhibition took place in an old school/ex-monastary. We stayed there for three days. In the spirit of the new burst of creativity that arised in Germany not so long ago, we decided to record a Krautrock album.Part of it was played live during the release, and was edited into this final result. King Kraut was pleased, and so was the audience.

Secret Eels and the Caveman - Cologne

April 21, 2017

In Düsseldorf we met an artist called Taka Kagitomi. Be sure to check out his website. He invited us to participate in a show of his, "To be the Axe Head", in Cologne. Using his self-made instruments and our BTR crunchiness, we played as the band "Secret Eels and the Caveman". Apparently, nobody knows how eels reproduce. The story goes that they journey to the Bermuda Triangle, where they mate. But why there? Nobody knows. The eels are secret, but always present. The caveman is fuelled by their electric energy, just as we were that day in Cologne.

The Life Acrylic - Düsseldorfer nacht der Museen

March 24, 2017

Our second show of the year. We were invited by Gallery am Meer (Düsseldorf) to perform during the Düsseldorf Museum Night. Our very own Ide stayed there the month before, making paintings/fabrics. We used these for our stage as well.

Honolulu Cocktail Show - Thaïti

February 3, 2017

Our first show of the year went hand in hand with strong liquor and smooth keys. It was also our debut at LuxorLive,
Arnhem. We invited Master of Keys David Tonnaer. Together we opened the evening for Dutch pop band Thaïti.

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