Compiled Performance no.2

This is the second series of drawings I made on top of footage of old BTR performances. My aim is to take the memory, which is both cerebral and digital, and push it into the physical. This clip is just to show you, the digital viewer, that it exists. Seeing is believing. Believing is existing. Without you, the viewer, this doesn't exist. So here you go.

And when the boot came up, the fire went out and hell was just an ice cube melting off on the ground


Recording of a performance we did using Danielle Papenborg's studio stuff. She was cleaning her place, so everything was everywhere. We decided to make a soundscape out of them. The title this performance we took from Captain Beefhart.

Look at the video on the VIDS page.

Conimex Wonderboys - Son of Pan


On March 15th, we participated in an exhibition in a concert building called PIP, in The Hague. We were invited by artist and musician Anna Lotte Peperkamp do to a performance. For this performance, I made egg sandwiches and recorded the sound of crackling eggs into a loopstation which looped the sound. Ide played guitar with his new effects and Jelle played bass.

Stack O' Shirts

T-shirts, textile ink, drumsticks

Circa...dit Artspace, Arnhem, asked artist Laura de Vogel to curate a show. She invited me to participate. I decided to try something new, and show t-shirts. I based the design of the shirts on the Broken Toaster Records logo, the happy sandwich. This is what the curator had to say about the show:

"For the first show at the new location of project-space Circa…dit 12 young artists will be setting up shop. Making their counter a place for encounters. In this garage sale exhibition the young artistic entrepreneurs will employ economies they admire and that will serve their works on different levels. For two weeks the project space will host small artistic enterprises and showcase editioned objects for sale. Be the most welcome guest to FAITH MONEY LOVE - THE GARAGE SALE. Come see what it’s worth. We accept PIN only.


Participating Artists:





For two weeks, artists Ide André and Arash Fakhim stayed in Nest Artspace, The Hague, to participate in the triptych "Places of Ruin".  Their predecessors, an architectural firm, built a number of structures and places them throughout the space. Arash and Ide were free to do with them as they pleased. After they treated the space and made new work, they invited us to do a performance during the opening of their show within a show "When The Fallow Remains".

Watch the video on the VIDS page.

Read the article about "When The Fallow Remains" on the PRESS page.


Phantom 3Piece

In 2017, we performed three times during the opening of three different exhibitions, all part of the In The Pursuit Of... series: ...Disruptive Voices...Gender: A Universal Language and ...Alternative Truths. To top it all off, we 'curated' a one-day exhibition/festival. This is the statement that accompanied the exhibition:

"What is the definition of a band? According to Broken Toaster Records, it depends on which type of band you want to define. A ‘rock band’ for instance, is completely different from a ‘band of brothers’, unless the brothers happen to be in a rock band together. It is also completely different from a ‘head band’, unless it refers to a band of heads that are also a rock band – or, in some cases, brothers. As far as Broken Toaster Records concerns a band could be a multitude of things, it merely depends from which angle one looks at it. “Was the Phantom of the Opera a saboteur, or was he part of the show?” “Do we even have to concern ourselves with the issues of phantoms?” Broken Toaster Records does not know.

What they do know is that sometimes, bands can operate in phantom-like ways, obscuring themselves by hiding in the walls or by pretending they are doing something else, like sawing wood or giving speeches or hanging from the ceiling. To present themselves as phantoms, obscured in the background. This is what Broken Toaster Records pursued. They will present their doings and undertakings at Expoplu under the title ‘Phantom 3Piece’. This three-piece is loosely based on documentation of previous performances at Expoplu in context of the year program ‘In The Pursuit Of…’, but also will include new interventions and performances.

To be phantoms. to be a band. to be part of the show. The band of brothers from different mothers, also known as Broken Toaster Records, present this show, from their heads to yours: Phantom 3Piece."

UVV - Lost & Found

Contemporary artist Jan Hoek invited me to do a performance during 'L&F theatrum anatomicum' in the Waag, Amsterdam. It is the building whose main hall inspired Rembrandt's The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp. Coming all the way from the east of The Netherlands, we figured the people from Amsterdam would think we originated from the wild Veluwe, the largest wildlife sanctuary in The Netherlands. In honour of this misunderstanding, we decided to call ourselves 'UVV' (Ultra Violent Veluwe). I made a video starring pigs and mooses using found footage. Unfortunately, the audio of this performance was lost, as well as our time. Halfway through our show, the organisation decided to cut us short. Still, we had a lot of fun, and we are grateful for being invited. 

Read the article about the whole evening on the PRESS page.


How look really cool in a post-apocalyptic landscape

3 photos on forex, 60x80cm

I was invited by 'Het Koelhuis' in Zutphen to participate in a show. Next to the exhibition space, there was a huge black mound of dirt and asphalt. For the show, I wanted to make fictional bands and do a photoshoot with them on the black mound. Unfortunately, the mound had been cleared before we got the chance to do the shoot. The terrain was still there though, so we used that. The result are three pictures of three different bands: 'Gengenwer' (an Ancient Egyptian goose-god), 'Gummi' and 'The Swamp Stompers'.


James Pink - Liquid Love

This video was recorded at Willem Twee Poppodium & Kunstruimte, Den Bosch. We were invited to make a work for the glass showcase there. We decided to spend the night inside the showcase, and record our album there. In the spirit of the Pink Saturday event, which would take place the next week, we decided to make an EP about James Pink. James is in love, hates his mom and gets all the girls. But is that what he really wants?

James Pink - Liquid Love


This EP was recorded at Willem Twee Poppodium & Kunstruimte, Den Bosch. We were invited to make a work for the glass showcase there. We decided to spend the night inside the showcase, and record our album there. In the spirit of the Pink Saturday event, which would take place the next week, we decided to make an EP about James Pink. James is in love, hates his mom and gets all the girls. But is that what he really wants? We also recorded a video. Go to VIDS to see it.

Secret Eels and the Caveman - Cologne


In Düsseldorf we met an artist called Taka Kagitomi. Be sure to check out his website. He invited us to participate in a show of his, "To be the Axe Head", in Cologne. Using his self-made instruments and our BTR crunchiness, we played as the band "Secret Eels and the Caveman". Apparently, nobody knows how eels reproduce. The story goes that they journey to the Bermuda Triangle, where they mate. But why there? Nobody knows. The eels are secret, but always present. The caveman is fuelled by their electric energy, just as we were that day in Cologne.

King Kraut & the Sauer Sissies - Clair Lieu


We were invited to participate in the exhibition "Clair Lieu" in Viersen, Germany. This exhibition took place in an old school/ex-monastary. We stayed there for three days. In the spirit of the new burst of creativity that arised in Germany not so long ago, we decided to record a Krautrock album.Part of it was played live during the release, and was edited into this final result. King Kraut was pleased, and so was the audience.

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